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Seven electrode boards of platinum plating are carried in the electrolytic cell. Though powerful, it is a compact highest-class model for home use.

It is original Leveluk DX of five acknowledged electrode boards. It is a high-class model which carries the exclusive promotion liquid tank for strong acid water.

It is made easy for three electrode boards to use taking advantage of the special feature of Leveluk DX. "Kangen Water" is recommendation by a simple and convenient type in the more nearly first one.

Two kinds of world's first electrolysis vessels which are exclusive use respectively are carried. Large "Kangen Water" and stable strong acid nature electrolysis water are the best for the use in an extended family etc.

It is the original version with 200,000 sets of the history for seven years, and track records. It is recommendation at those who set drink of "Kangen Water" as the main purpose. Five kinds of generation water can be made.

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