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How much Kangen water should I drink?

Do not drink a lot of Kangen water at random. Instead, make it a rule to drink three or four times a day, including a glass of raw water early in the morning, and two or three glasses on an empty stomach between meals. If you experience sluggishness or heaviness in the bowels, or have a swollen face or legs in the morning, you may be drinking too much Kangen water. Keep it in mind that water by itself is non-nutritious, and you must eat meals with plenty of vegetables. Another way to judge whether you are drinking the optimum amount of Kangen water is to check that you have good stools. Many Kangen water drinkers have said that only a glass in the morning was effective when they were physically weakened. Body conditions can differ greatly from one person to another, so the way of drinking Kangen water may not be specified in terms of volume. It is essential that everyone recognize his/her own condition and determine the best way to drink. Instead of drinking or not drinking when you feel like it, try to make it a habit to drink Kangen water regularly and lead a regular life.


How do I use calcium glycerophosphate?

Put 2g at a time of the included calcium glycerophosphate into the addition tube (about 80% full). This enhances electrolysis, and is not mandatory. However, if it is left in the tube, it will firm up. For sanitary reasons, you should remove the addition tube and wash it with water once a week. For soft water, the amount of calcium ions can be increased by 30% compared to that with raw water. If pH measurements do not reach 9 (blue) or over in a test solution set, you should use calcium glycerophosphate for more efficient electrolysis. For well water that contains carbon dioxide and has a pH that tends toward the acidic side (yellow or yellowish green), the pH value of the generated Kangen water does not increase. In this case, calcium glycerophosphate may be helpful in raising the pH. You can try using it in similar cases, but if the discharge ratio of Kangen water to acid water is high, it may hardly be effective.


When and how often should I drink Kangen water?

Orderly, timely and rhythmical behavior is important to the human body in every respect. This also applies to the habit of drinking water, which should be done regularly 30 minutes to an hour before eating a meal. By doing so, the water that you drink is already in the intestines by the time you eat, and your appetite will not be affected by water in your stomach. In addition, your stomach acid will not be diluted by the water. After eating at around 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening, you should not eat or drink much. Some people think that drinking a lot of water at bedtime is fine, but it is better to limit it to one glass. In general, you can get moisture from food the food you eat, but the effects of drinking fresh water are significant. Regularly drinking Kangen water keeps the gastrointestinal system clean, and keeps you feeling young and beautiful. The health of your body can be maintained by the smooth circulation of water. Your drinking habits can be tailored to the seasons; for example, we recommend drinking warm Kangen water in winter.


What should I do when the volume of generated Kangen water decreases?

In rare cases, after using the DX for more than six months, you may notice a significant decrease in the volume of Kangen water dispensed from the white hose, or you may find water leaking from the nozzle. These problems are usually caused by calcium build-up on the nozzle tip, or may be due to increased volumes of acid water dispensed from the hose when Kangen water is generated. When this happens, the pH of strong acid water generated with added salt becomes difficult to obtain, and proper measures are needed. Remove the flexible pipe and clean the tip by running water in the reverse direction, and use a cleaning filter to clean the inside of the device and restore the proper performance. The Leveluk series has a function that automatically cleans the inside of the device on a daily basis, but periodic care is still required by the user. Cleaning frequency may vary depending on the quality of raw water, but cleaning with a cleaning filter every three to six months should be appropriate, or whenever you find white particulate matter floating in the generated Kangen water, when the pH level falls, or when the volume of dispensed water is reduced.


Can I take medicine with Kangen water?

Hospitals sometimes give us a surprising amount of medicine. In recent decades, a large number of medicines have been developed, and many of them are effective in combating disease which used to be incurable or used to require operations. However, we should recognize that most medicines may have side effects, because by nature medicines are foreign substances in our bodies, and are potentially poisonous depending on the amount we take. According to a medical report on side effects of medicine, side effects appear in 5% or fewer cases when one kind of medicine is taken, but side effects appear 50% of the time when four kinds of medicine are taken together. Food may also alter the effects of medicines taken. For example, a kind of natto (fermented soybeans) contains high amounts of vitamin K, but when eaten while taking an antithrombotic (Warfarin), it coagulates the blood. As for Kangen water, we recommend that you drink it on an empty stomach in order to enhance its absorption in the gastrointestinal system, and you should not drink it when taking medicine.


What types of water diverters are available?

The Leveluk DX and Leveluk JR come equipped with a water diverter with a shower head. If the water diverter with shower head cannot be installed, you should supply an intermediate-branching water diverter or special water diverter (called gNS-series product). You must select a compatible NS-series product from about 40 types and manufacturers of water diverters. Before making a selection, check the manufacturer and type of the faucet that you are using. Some kitchens may have a special faucet specifically for water purifiers. If you have on in your kitchen, use that faucet. When there is not enough space around the sink for product installation, the main body should be hung on the wall. In some cases, installation of a pre-filter for well water may be required between the main body and the water diverter, depending on the water quality. Check the faucets where you plan to install your system, and carefully plan the installation methods beforehand.


How can I eliminate active oxygen?

Good water, especially Kangen water, does not cause abnormal fermentation in the gastrointestinal system. On the other hand, unhealthy water damages bacteria in the intestines, destroying the balance. An increased number of minor germs leads to abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation, which can cause diarrhea or constipation, and active oxygen is generated from intestinal gas. Kangen water can normalize the gastrointestinal system and control active oxygen, as well as properly deliver vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to the cells in a living organism. Also, when elements contained in Kangen water, such as dissolved hydrogen, reach the gastrointestinal system, liver, heart, and entire body, they work with other antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, to counteract active oxygen that is generated in the mitochondria of cells.


How do I check strong acid water?

Water is better when it tastes astringent. If the astringent taste is not strong enough, the concentration level may be too low. On the other hand, if it tastes sweet or salty, the dissolved salinity level may be too high. With Leveluk DX, discard the first two glasses of Kangen water if they do not taste astringent. When it becomes less astringent because of a lower level of dissolved salinity, the concentration level has become low. In that case, stop the water flow, remove the salt-addition tube and clean out the residual salt.
To check the available chlorine concentration using a DPD chlorine reagent, dilute the water with 10 times the amount of pure or purified water, and check that the concentration is approximately 1ppm.


How do I use the spouting hose?

Kangen water is correctly generated only when two kinds of generated water flow through the electrolytic layers in LeveLuk at a certain definite ratio. Accordingly, if the spouting hose is bent or if the spouting stand is held higher than the spouting nozzle of the flexible pipe during operation, acidic water cannot be output and the generation is not carried out correctly. On the other hand, if the spouting hose is extended down to the sink bottom to store the water into a separate container, the Kangen water will be pulled by the downward water flow and the output volume will be reduced. In this case, do not extend the spouting stand downwards. Instead, add a separate thick hose to lead the water flow into the storage container.
Routinely check the generated water with the pH indicator reagent or by observing the hydrogen bubbles.


What are the favorable reactions to drinking Kangen water?

It is clear that drinking Kangen water is good for the gastrointestinal system; however, in rare cases, drinkers may suffer from constipation or diarrhea for several days or several weeks after starting to drink, depending on his/her body-build or way of drinking. This is similar to the strong effect called the gMengenh reaction in Chinese herbal medicine. If you experience this reaction, reduce your drinking volume down to a half or a quarter for a period of time.
When the symptoms subside, resume regular drinking of Kangen water, but in smaller volumes than the before. Ceasing to drink produces a negative bodily reaction, so you should continue drinking.
If the symptoms do not subside, consult with a doctor or a pharmacist.


What are the different influences caused by the quality of raw water?

The quality of raw water influences the quality of electrolyzed Kangen water or acidic water. General public water causes no problems in most cases, but water from a well may result in a inefficient electrolysis when it contains lots of free carbon dioxide or too few electrolytic minerals. On the contrary, if raw water contains excessive minerals, it influences the taste of Kangen water or may generate Kangen water of excessively high pH. Furthermore, because the generated water depends on the strength of the water flow from the tap, confirm that Kangen water is generated by using the attached pH indicator reagent or by observing the hydrogen bubbles which should be generated at the time of electrolysis. Furthermore, because the quality of raw water may vary in its influence on the generated water, routinely check the generated water in addition to the initial check at installation.


What should I consider when starting to drink Kangen water?

Generally speaking, start gradually with a cup of Kangen water of a lower pH (pH8 to 9.0).
After continuing to drink for about two weeks, gradually increase the volume and raise the pH according to your body-build and physical condition. At a pH level of 9.0 to 9.5, drink the Kangen water as soon as possible after making it. Children or elderly persons should start with a low pH and raise the pH level gradually as they get accustomed to the water. For infants (under one year old), drinking Kangen water is not recommended, because until they can eat the same meals as adults, their intestinal functions with milk are different from those of normal adults. Note that Kangen water absolutely should not be used with milk that is given to babies or infants.


What if a minus value does not appear in the oxidation redox potential (ORP)?

Occasionally, a minus ORP does not appear when measuring Kangen water with a commercial ORP meter. This is because an insufficiently cleaned electrode or dried electrode may cause the contamination to remain on it, and these electrodes must be cleaned with strong acidic water to perform accurate measurement. It is also because raw tap water contains various kinds of ions that can cause the ORP values to vary up to several hundred mV, depending on the quality of water. As a result, generated Kangen water may be affected by raw water to the extent that the contained carbonate ions provide a buffering action* that keeps the pH and ORP unchanged, even after the water is electrolyzed. Because it is water electrolysis, Kangen water can be confirmed not only by the ORP, but also by simply checking whether or not you can see hydrogen bubbles that should be visible in the Kangen water immediately after it is generated.


What is the white turbidity that appears when generating Kangen water?

If the white turbidity in the generated Kangen water becomes clear when water is left alone in a glass for a while, it is hydrogen gas generated during electrolysis, and is nothing to worry about. Concerning hydrogen, study results were introduced at the Japan Functional Water Symposium held in December last year focusing on electrolytic dissolved hydrogen. A restraining effect on fat oxidation was reported as one of the effects that drinking Kangen water has on body fat. It was also said that dissolved hydrogen in colloidal form is of higher potency than the negligible volume of instantly generated active hydrogen. It was also confirmed that further multidisciplinary data acquisition was being done for scientific verification.


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